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Penta RS1 Casters Set
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Color matching is very essential for a gamer’s rig or the environment surrounding it. At Vertagear, we do not want to limit possibilities for customization. We provide the most popular color options to our racing series chairs, and we bring those options all the way down to the casters. Now you can not only color match the chair to your gaming environment, but also the casters.

Quantity: Set of 5

Racing Series Pillow Sc
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Our new Racing Series Pillow Sc is crafted with coffee fiber and silver lining, making it the first antibacterial and anti-odor product in the industry. The fabric is a soft black, and inside is equipped with ergonomic memory foam for everlasting comfort.

Triigger 350 Sc Headrest/Neck Support
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The triigger Headrest Sc is the industry’s first antibacterial, anti-odor headrest. It’s crafted with coffee fiber and silver linen and hosts a memory foam interior. It offers a wide range of adjustment to suit your personal comfort and is absolutely essential to complete your ergonomic chair. Compatible with the triigger 350 and triigger 350 SE.

Wear And Tear Program
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Enjoy peace of mind with the Vertagear Wear & Tear Protection Program. Coverage includes PUC faux leather cracking or tearing, microfiber tearing, broken stitching or damage to casters or armrest padding. Excludes accidental stains or damage.